Joke – Two Stubborn Guys (Akpos and Ben)


Ben and Akpos are two stubborn guys from the same mother. They are so mischievous to the extent that their parent couldn’t handle them any longer and they are looking for ways to change them. Different options like guardroom lockup and no-food punishment were tried but these guys are still stubborn.

Their parent heard of a wise man who could solve their problem and they took Ben and Akpos to the man. The man request to talk to them one after the other in a private room. After talking with Akpos, here is the conversation between the wise man and Ben.

Conversation Starts

Ben: Good afternoon sir

Wise Man: Evening. I know you are the most stubborn one. Now tell me, where is God?

Ben gave no answer

Wise Man: (repeats the question in a harsh way) Where is God?

Ben gave no answer again

Wise Man: (repeats the question in a harder way than the first one) Where is God?

Ben was scared and he ran away to their house and angrily destroy almost everything while slamming himself on the floor. Akpos (his brother) ran to him and they started talking

Conversation Between Ben and Akpos

Akpos: Brother, wetin happen again

Ben: (Crying) We don enter ooo… We are in bigger trouble now. Hmm… God is missing and they think we are the cause.

Akpos: Slam himself on the floor and started crying too


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