“I Don’t Know What The F**k The DJ Is Doing” – Burna Boy Slams DJ Lambo


Afrobeats and Reggaeton music sensation, Burna Boy, , didn’t hesitate to show his irate nature over the perceived clumsiness of the disc jockey who happened to be DJ Lambo on the stand while at an event over the weekend. This act came just after Terry G’s physical battering of a DJ right on stage at an event that had the presence of the esteemed “Jimmy Jatt”.

Burna boy’s verbal assault was an utterly careless and yet unnecessary sarcastic remark directed at the DJ, which was even proceeded by a petty shrug of clapping hands to corroborate his ‘turn am to church’ statement. However, a speculation from the video is that he was blightly unaware which DJ was operating the stand at the time hence his rash increase.

Seriously, Do you guyz think he did the right thing?


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