Soundically is specialized on online promotion for entertainment, be it music or comedy. Soundically Team have been established over the years for offline entertainment promotion and have taken our skills into the online community. We are trusted for promotions and our marketing campaigns use strategic methods which are set in place to effectively maximize exposure, build brand awareness, as well as creating a grassroots movement.

So how can Soundically promote you?

-> Feature your songs on our website and make it reach all viewers/visitors
-> Build an artist profile page on Soundically website/partnering sites
-> Distribute your songs to multiple and social Networks

How much will all this cost? The answer is NOTHING, it’s absolutely a free service. But our Designers may charge you if you want soundically to design an artwork for your promotion.

Truly we promote, unfortunately we can’t just promote. All songs and videos sent to us goes through a strict approval process where our editors team review the lyrics, vocal and content to make sure it does not violet laws by any means. If our team by anyway disapproved the content you sent to us, we will give you genuine reasons and give suggestions for improvement.

For Music/comedy Submission, contact us by sending a mail to ==>

For ADVERT PLACEMENT and any other discussion, send a mail to ==>

If you want to make complaint or give suggestion about our services, contact us through

Office Address: 17 Thy will shopping Complex, Opp. Health Care Center Badore, Lagos.